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Thoughtworks Weeks 6 and 7

Third verse, same as the first. I missed a week there, but it’s all been the same basic work, so I’m combining them. This is my blog. I can do that. You’re not the boss of me. Ahem. Still on

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Design Inspiration: iPhone 5

Welp, here it is. The new iPhone5. It’s pretty… meh. Apple is in a tough position here. If you can reach back to five years ago when they released the first iPhone then you remember how freaking revolutionary it was.

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Thoughtworks Week 5

(I’m late getting this out, as I’m about to finish week 6, so this will be truncated.) On the beach. There are two projects I’m working on. One is the design for the UX page/section of the TW public site.

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Thoughtworks Weeks 3-4

Back to Chicago, for training in Agile and Continuous Delivery. Agile training was good. I had done some reading on agile before, but nothing that could qualify me as anything but a rank amateur. Continuous delivery seemed a logical extension

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Bad Design: car touch screens

So there’s this: And man do I hate it. Count the number of buttons in your car. Okay, let’s take that a step further: Let’s call the number of buttons in your car N. Now. Divide your car buttons into

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Design Inspiration: American Airlines Redesign

Anna Kovecses is a designer out of Cyprus. Her design for American Airlines is very good. Considering AA already uses Helvetica for their design, she was able to play off of the whole sixties fab look to create a really

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